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Welcome to Big Red Training, your online coaching portal for Crossfit, Olympic Weightlifting and fitness Gymnastics. We believe that structured and focused training is a big part of health and fitness, whether you are looking to increase physical longevity for life or excel in competitive sport.

Our aim is to fulfil individual potential toward general health and sport specific endeavours, expanding the boundaries for what is believed to be physically possible in one’s fitness development. Use our online programming options to build your knowledge base and abilities and blast through goals with structured, detailed training plans and personal feedback.

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Training Plans

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Who is it for? The busy professional, garage gym warrior, or casual fitness geek looking to move well, look good, and be efficient with their training schedule. Two options per day lets you choose between 'Full Equipment' and 'DB/KB/Bodyweight'. Condition your body with strength work, bodybuilding, and calisthenics.

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BRT Compete

Who is it for? The committed fitness enthusiast. Those working toward fitness competition or capable and regular gym-goers looking for progressive challenges in all modalities - olympic weightlifting, strength building, metabolic conditioning and gymnastics.

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BRT Affiliate Gym

Who is it for? Functional Fitness Facilities and Crossfit gyms looking to remove the stress of programming each week. For those affiliates wanting progressive, detailed programming and coaching notes for their members, tailored to the gym's needs.

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Tailored Programming

Who is it for? Personalised (tailored) programming for Crossfit, weightlifting, gymnastics, sport specific endeavours, or limited equipment needs.



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What our members say

I have been following a strength and weightlifting programme that has been rewarding and would recommend to anyone wishing to pursue similar training. The coach is motivating, has a breadth of technical knowledge, and gives useful detailed feedback. The variety of movements and drills is fun and challenging which breaks up the tedium of the classically long, repetitive strength sets. I’m delighted with the results so far having gone from dreading the snatch to looking forward to snatching every week.
Stan Houcke
Online Tailored Weightlifting
I got my first Bar Muscle Up with Big Red Training. I was so shocked as I had wanted this move for so long! I gave up trying. Coach introduced all the drills to me, took me back to basics, and with some hard work I achieved this goal. I am currently following the performance level programme online as I moved my life abroad. The programming never arrives late, even with the time difference. I have recently PB’d my snatch, which I have been working very hard on. I love how everything I do is performed with technical competency and focus.
Charlotte Chalkley
Online Performance
Coach Sam truly cares about the clients and that is obvious during every training session. I feel valued and know that he is committed to helping me improve and achieve. There is always the right balance between being challenging and understanding/supportive. Always more than willing to give time to offer advice on mobility, rehab and exercises, coach genuinely wants you to succeed. If you want to get stronger, feel fitter and move better, Sam is your man.
Catriona McEwan
1to1 Client