Squatzilla (Squat Plan)

Squatzilla (Squat Plan)



  • ‘Squatzilla’ (squat plan)
  • 4 weeks long
  • 3x squat days per week (2 back squat, 1 front squat)
  • Designed to build leg strength and size
  • Accessory exercises for joint health and core strength
  • £19.99 one-off payment


  • Purchase the product
  • We use your email to add your profile to Truecoach app
  • You work through the squat plan on the Truecoach app, uploading results/ videos as you like
  • You build to a new squat PR


  • Sam… 5RM back squat from 145kg up to 158kg
  • Rachel… 5RM back squat from 85kg up to 90kg
  • Ally… 1RM from 180-187.5kg and 5RM up buy 5kg
  • Matty… 5RM back squat from 100kg up to 107.5kg
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