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Members and subscribers,

Due to the phases presented by the government to reopen the economy, it looks like the fitness industry will also be progressing with its own steps forward out of lockdown. The following information outlines our plans to progress toward normality, strictly within the phases and laws outlined in Scotland. Please see the following plans for each function as we move forward:

Online programming

Upon lockdown, all Generalised Programming was absorbed into Tailored Programming (remote coaching) due to the varying equipment requirements.This is something we are looking to maintain with the highest quality and attention possible. Generalised Programming will return upon the full reopening and access to gyms as outlined in Phase 5 of UK/Scottish reopening proceedings. Due to the labour intensive nature of Tailored Programming (individualised), spots for this are limited and may be sold out – visit the website for details.

1to1 Personal Training

This was suspended at the start of lockdown with most 1to1 clients able to transfer to the Tailored Programming option or follow the free daily email service. From Monday 8th June, there will be only 4 spaces a week available for 1to1 sessions to be completed in Saughton Public Park, Edinburgh – as to comply with phase 2 of lockdown reopening, and to reduce overall risk to the clients/trainer…

  1. The session bookings will be negotiated as to avoid more crowded peak times within the public space.
  2. The trainer and client must remain 2m apart at any time, and all equipment wiped down with the appropriate cleaning products before/after the 1hr session.
  3. The equipment will be provided by the trainer, but the client may bring equipment of their own as long as it has only come in contact with their household.
  4. The client may bring along 1 other person as long as they are from the same household, but social distancing procedures will still apply.
  5. HOW TO BOOK? Head to bigredtraining.co.uk and click the ‘Book 1to1’ tab to confirm your space. Email bigredtraining@outlook.com if you have any questions before or after your session. 
  6. You may only book 1 session per week. If you would like a 2nd session, then there is an online Zoom call option you can book by email/messaging app. Prices will be confirmed upon booking and you may cancel at any time. 

Group Classes

Big Red Training runs group classes and seminars within other gyms/businesses. Since lockdown, these classes have been running with the businesses via group Zoom calls. These will continue to run as such until Phase 5 of reopening is introduced by the Government, or as long as the business to business relationships function. 

Free content

BRT looks to provide the most useful and appropriate content to help progress and educate our followers. Instagram will offer a live stream follow-along workout every Friday evening, alongside ‘Big Red Ramblings’, tips and tricks videos, and celebrations of the online community. The YouTube channel has a catalogue of exercise demonstrations, exercise breakdowns and technique analysis. 

MASSIVE thank you to everyone that has supported Big Red Training in any way through lockdown, the business would not be here without you and that motivates us to deliver the best online coaching product within our capacity. Email or direct message on Instagram for further information.

Embrace the grind, be kind, trust the process.

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